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Stone Mountain property managementHome to the largest exposed mass of granite in the world, Stone Mountain is a beautiful and productive city. Its motto is “A City of Vision,” and the city lives up to the name. While Stone Mountain, GA encompasses just 1.7 square miles, it remains a popular tourist attraction drawing in more than 4 million visitors each year. It’s also a ethnically-diverse city with upscale neighborhoods and a population of just 6,368 people consisting mostly of white-collar professionals.

Stone Mountain is located just ten miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, giving locals and tourists alike plenty to do and see. The quaint suburb offers ample activities and attractions, such as the Summit Skyride, Stone Mountain Glass Shop, and of course Stone Mountain Park which provides family fun and outdoor adventures. If shopping is more your speed, stop by one of several local squares and shopping centers, or head to downtown Atlanta for a myriad of shopping options.

Explore Rentals in Stone Mountain

Are you a property owner with a Stone Mountain rental, looking for new property ownership opportunities? Or perhaps you’re a prospective investor interested in the local real estate market. Either way, you’ll be satisfied with the real estate options in Stone Mountain. The Stone Mountain housing marketing is extremely competitive with the average sale price per square foot up 21.3 percent since last year. It’s a place many want to live, work, and play but few get to experience first-hand.

More than half of the real estate in Stone Mountain consists of single-family homes, with some townhomes and apartment buildings available. The average age of homes in the city is between 20 and 50 years old, with some older and some more modern options. There is a fairly equal divide between homeowners and renters, making Stone Mountain the perfect place to invest. The charming city also hosts numerous vacation homes. The median cost of homes in Stone Mountain, GA is $122,620.

Working with Stone Mountain Property Management Professionals

Owning real estate in Stone Mountain comes with countless responsibilities. At Citiside Property Management, we work with property owners and investors who want assistance managing their Stone Mountain rental properties. Our Stone Mountain property management team is made up of knowledgeable staff and experienced managers with extensive local market experience. We also offer flexible management packages. For more information, contact us today.

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Overview of Comprehensive Property Management Solutions

Property Marketing

Don't sit by helplessly while your Atlanta rental home sits vacant on the market. Let us handle your marketing needs and we'll get the word out, respond to inquiries, and schedule showings.


Rental homes need regular upkeep and maintenance attention. If you're tired of handling a long list of repair chores on your weekends, turn to the pros. We'll keep your home in great shape.

Tenant Screening

Applicants interested in a Citiside rental property must meet our strict approval guidelines. We carefully screen every application we receive and only place highly qualified tenants.

Property Inspections

Lots of problems can crop up when you least expect them. Let us keep an eye on your home and we'll catch red flags in advance. We perform regular property inspections, just in case.

Rent Collection

If getting your monthly rent check feels like a constant guessing game, it's time to partner with Citiside. We keep your tenants current, send out monthly bills, and deposit your funds directly to your bank account.

Eviction Support

If a tenant ever stops paying their rent or breaks the terms of their lease, we'll work diligently to find an amicable resolution. Worst case scenario, we'll handle the eviction process & replace the tenant.

Our Portfolio Averages Speak Volumes

We follow our proven process to track KPI's (key performance metrics) to optimize your return on investment.   See some of the KPI's measured and Citiside's current Portfolio Wide Averages:

Current Average Turn Time:
Repair completion time:
(Emergency and Non-emergency)
Single Family Occupancy Rate:
Multifamily Occupancy Rate:

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newnarpmrealtorequalhousingAtlanta Best 2019

"Citiside has managed my portfolio of originally 45+ rental properties for over 8 years. They turned around the portfolio entirely from one that was losing money and poorly managed to one that produced substantial cash flow. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

dean-img-1 - Dean L., Satsified Client

"Citiside manages my multifamily properties and a handful of homes in and around Atlanta. They are professional, responsive, and transparent. They are good about documenting everything - maintenance reports are detailed with photos - leasing reports with # of showings, applications,etc... They are trustworthy group that not only understand property management but investment objectives. I highly recommed.""

Eric H - Eric H., Satisfied Client

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We Understand Investment Objectives

Citiside was built upon the experiences of buying distressed real estate, fixing, and renting hundreds of homes and apartments in and around Atlanta as a principle.  We specialize in B/C investment property and feel we have the experience to help investors maximize portfolio ROI.

Let Us Be Your Shield

The majority of our clients are looking for a licensed team that understands Georgia Law and shields owners from unnecessary liability.  We live in a sue-happy world and we constantly work on our policy/procedures to always comply.  Secondly, through experience, we shield from price gouging when it comes to repairs.  We aim to treat tenants like gold, always being fair, but at the same time, never overpay or have unnecessary repair expenses.


It's your property, you should know everything that is happening!  We use the latest and greatest technology that really helps clients see everything; from before and after pictures of repairs, number of property showing with feedback, and every report you can think of.....our goal is to never leave our clients or tenants in the dark but be 100% transparent at all times.

Specialized Focus

We try not to be all things to all people.  We have a laser focus on being the best management team for the small to mid sized investor that owns and or is growing a portfolio in and around Atlanta.

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