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Johnny Voyles

Founder & Managing Broker

Mr Voyles started his career in real estate 15 years ago in Atlanta, Ga.  Since that time he has been active in various roles in the single & multifamily management and development industries.  He spent the "foreclosure years", 2009-2013 buying, renovating,  managing and ultimately selling hundreds of single family and multifamily properties.  He has been involved in general partnerships, executing on value add deals, building single family "build to rent" product, and lending opportunities.

Mr. Voyles holds a Real Estate Broker license in both Georgia and Louisiana.  His current role includes working with current owners regarding portfolio performance and often helps new and existing property management clients when acquiring single family home portfolios and multifamily property.  He strives to become an irreplaceable partner and has always gained the most satisfaction from creating more value than associated cost.


Allen Bray

Head of Accounting

Allen is a Georgia native with a M.S. of Economics and B.S. of Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He worked with fortune 100 companies while at Deloitte in its consulting practice and has been investing in rental properties and notes in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama for over a decade. With a strong background in technology and finance, Allen joined Citiside Properties in 2016 to improve operations, develop financial and accounting procedures, and oversee technology.

“We act as partners with our clients and seek out value creation. A property manager should not be an extra expense, but a critical member of an investor’s team to produce great returns year over year. Through excellent service, we are providing quality housing, improving the community, and creating jobs while delivering strong returns to investors – this is truly a win-win for everyone involved.”

In his spare time, he builds Legos with his three children, competes in regional trail running series, and enjoys motorsports racing. He serves on the board of EO Atlanta, a chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization, as Finance Chairman.


Adam Mraz

Property Director

Adam has been a valuable member of the Citiside team since joining in the summer of 2018.  He bring over 10 years of operations and management experience to the team.  Additionally, he has a Civil Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and has his own portfolio of rental properties.  His experience spans various fields including sales, technology, training, and recruiting.  His varied background helps him predict what different clients are going to want to see and create a system to make it happen.  He gets the most joy out of helping others grow into a better self.

In his free time, he enjoys playing competitive sports including tennis, volleyball, and softball.


Aya Barrera

Client Services Coordinator

Hi! My name is Aya and I am Citiside's Client Services Coordinator. I provide assistance to clients on email or telephonically. I also screen feedback or requests form clients and liaise with relevant departments within the organization to provide solutions. Biggest part of my role is to build and maintain close relationships with clients.

When I am not working, I enjoy volunteering and serving at my local church as a Youth Pastor.


Genesis Matas

Client Onboarding Coordinator

Genesis has been practicing his career in the Real Estate Industry since 2018. He started as Leasing Line Service Agent for two years supporting multiple Property Management companies across different states in the USA. He became an Inside Sales Associate in the following years and brought several numbers of property buyers and sellers to different realtors and brokers. He joined Citiside Properties in December 2022 and fulfilled the role of Client Onboarding Coordinator. His duties are assisting new clients (Home Owners) during the onboarding process, Document creation and management, scheduling and priority management, client relation, and other work as needed. He also has a background in Network Communication such as Network Topology Designing and Implementation, Network Server Configuration and Troubleshooting. During his pastime, he loves to travel and choreograph dances too.


Daniel Sosa

HR Specialist

My name is Daniel Sosa I´m from Barquisimeto, Venezuela and I have a degree as Industrial Engineer. I have experience working in logistics, storage, and distribution, and recently I´ve been given the opportunity to be the Internal Recruiter at Citiside where I´m responsible for finding, interviewing, and hiring A players to join our company and making them feel part of our big family. In my free time, I like to travel and know new places and cultures, spend time with Friends and family, watch movies, help people in need, and be in nature as much as possible..


Jonathan Ringo

Turn Project Manager

Jonathan is born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and a graduate from Georgia State University with a degree in Economic Development. Jonathan has been in property management for over 7 years, and started as a maintenance coordinator and is now the Citiside Properties Turn Project Manager. Jonathan work duties include move out/in inspections, estimating homes to keep cost minimal to our owners, while also providing our residents with a warm, comfortable, and home they adore.

He is an avid soccer fan and supports Atlanta United as well as Manchester United. He enjoys hiking on weekends and spending time with his family and friends

Alvin Castillo

Maintenance Coordinator

Hi, my name is Alvin and I am a Maintenance Coordinator. Prior to this, I owned a construction company for 3.5 years and have 14 years of experience in the construction industry. I also hold a Civil Engineering degree, which has greatly contributed to my understanding of building and maintenance. I have a passion for problem-solving and finding creative solutions to challenges, and I am always seeking out new ways to improve and expand my knowledge. In fact, I have a love of learning and am constantly looking for opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. In my free time, I enjoy [insert hobbies or interests here]. I believe in living a well-rounded life and making time for the things that bring me joy and fulfillment. I am confident that my diverse skills and experiences make me a valuable asset in the field of property management, and I am excited to bring my expertise to any opportunity that comes my way.

Maria Balderrama


Maintenance Coordinator

Hi, I’m Jill Matangcas. Holding a degree in Development Communication, I delved into market research, spent four years in customer service, and have recently been focusing on maintenance and rehab coordination for property management companies.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring different cuisines and watching Netflix with my kids during weekends. I also love taking my dogs to the beach, which allows me to combine my love for animals and the outdoors. My diverse experience and dedication to excellence make me a reliable asset in property management, where I’m eager to continue enhancing processes and ensuring client satisfaction.


Jennifer Taylor

Accountant Specialist

Jennifer is an experienced accountant with a strong background in the real estate industry. She has a proven track record of success managing accounting in sales, management, social media, and training industries. In addition to her extensive accounting experience, Jennifer is also skilled in using a variety of software programs, including Quickbooks, Sage, and Microsoft Office. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from Florida State University and has been working in the field for over 15 years. Jennifer is a dedicated and accomplished professional who is committed to delivering high-quality results for her clients.


Maria Gavan

Accounting Specialist

Maria is a highly experienced general accountant with over 7 years of experience in the field. She has a strong background in the wholesale industry and is skilled in using a variety of software programs, including Quickbooks, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, and Microsoft Office. Maria is a dedicated professional who is known for her ability to handle a variety of accounting tasks with ease and efficiency. In addition to her accounting expertise, she also has a strong background in military and protective services. She holds a degree in Accounting from National College of Business and Arts and has been working with Citiside Properties since 2019.


Queenie Tenedero

Accounting Specialist

Queenie is a highly skilled accountant with over 6 years of experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and has been working with Citiside Properties since 2020. In addition to her accounting expertise, Queenie is also currently studying to become a lawyer, demonstrating her dedication to continuous learning and professional development. She is a hard-working and reliable professional who is committed to delivering high-quality results for her clients.


Wen Ocapan

Tenant Services-Leasing Specialist

My name is Wen and I am currently working in tenant communications for Citiside. I have 1 year of experience in the field of property management, as well as a background in helping people repair their credit. I am a creative, motivated, and team-oriented individual with a passion for helping others. In my current role, I enjoy using my communication skills to facilitate positive relationships between tenants and property managers. I believe that through collaboration and open communication, we can achieve great things. That's why I thrive in teamwork environments and value the opportunity to learn from my peers.


Christelyn Resma

Quality Assurance Specialist

Hi, I’m Christelyn Resma, a Six Sigma certified Quality Assurance Professional with 15 years of experience in the field and an additional decade in the BPO industry. I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and have had the rewarding opportunity to mentor junior team members, significantly enhancing our team’s overall performance. I am known for maintaining a calm demeanor under pressure, consistently achieving outstanding results, and driving continuous improvement.

Outside of work, I’m deeply passionate about music and serve as the lead singer for a band. I also have a love for the arts, particularly DIYs and handicrafts, which inspire creativity and help me develop unique perspectives. Advocacy holds a special place in my heart, and I actively work to support homeless children, utilizing my skills and resources to make a positive impact in the community. I have a profound connection to nature, which nourishes my spirit and complements my dedication to personal growth and well-being.

Eager and ready, I look forward to leveraging my diverse skills and experiences to make meaningful contributions to any organization, with the aim of exceeding expectations and promoting a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


Faye Laquihon

Tenant Services-Renewal Specialist

Hi, my name is Faye and I have been working in tenant communications for a Citiside for the past year. Prior to this, I worked in customer service for 6 years and gained valuable skills in communication and conflict resolution.

In addition to my professional experience, I also hold a degree in Pharmacy and enjoy helping out at the family-owned pharmacy in my free time. I am a reliable and organized individual with a passion for helping others.

I enjoy spending my free time exploring new bands and concerts. I believe in making time for the things that bring me joy and fulfillment.


Perry Santillan

Maintenance Coordinator

Hi, I’m Perry Santillan, currently thriving as a Maintenance Coordinator with a unique background holding a degree in Information Technology. My journey in the professional world began with two fruitful years in customer service, where I honed my communication and problem-solving skills, ensuring client satisfaction was always a top priority.

Following this, I transitioned into property management and have been contributing to this sector for three years. Remarkably, two of those years were spent with a startup, where I embraced the dynamic and fast-paced environment, learning to adapt and innovate solutions to meet the unique challenges that arose.

In my role as a Maintenance Coordinator, I merge my tech-savvy background with my experience in customer service and property management to optimize operations, ensuring that both tenants and property owners receive outstanding service.


Andy Rivas

Tenant Services-Collections Specialist

I'm a very dynamic, constructive, and kind person who enjoys teamwork and daily learning processes.

I have a passion for problem-solving and finding creative solutions to challenges. I believe that through collaboration and open communication, we can achieve great things. That's why I thrive in teamwork environments and value the opportunity to learn from my peers.

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